God Can Revive &

Heal Your Broken 


You've been broken; cheated on repeatedly, heart shattered into pieces....

Someone has physically abused you...sexually abused you...manipulated and degraded you. Someone has publicly disrespected you, emotionally tortured, and spiritually wounded you. You never imagined your husband (someone who vowed to love, honor, and protect you) ever doing this to you and or your kids. You thought your boyfriend would never hurt or betray you like this. It's happened...now what do you do?

How do you stop from crying over and over? When does the anger and depression end? How can you move on when feeling used, mistreated, unloved, and not good enough? How do you heal? How do you forgive?

BHR Membership Includes:

Guided Steps to  CPR on a Broken Heart!

You will live and not die! Join and get the help God wants you to receive so that you can get back up, be healed, and be greater than you imagined!

A Supportive Community

Belong to The Wall and connect with other women journeying past their pain. Ask questions, receive answers, but most of all, embrace and pray for one another.

Community forum is open 24/7

'The Heartbeat' Monthly Newsletter & Weekly Press!

Join and receive The Heartbeat immediately and every month thereafter! Also receive weekly encouragement & learn to live more abundantly in God!

Prayer Walls & Testimonies

Request prayer. Have access to customized prayers to pray on your journey to overcoming the heartache & pain. Submit your testimonies along the way.

Request, access, or submit 24/7!

B.H.R. Membership


Most Affordable Mentorship!

  • Monthly Newsletter PLUS
  • 10-Step CPR Guide for Your Broken Heart PLUS
  • Private Supportive Community & Private Prayer Wall PLUS
  • Weekly Inbox Encouragement PLUS

PLUS an ICU Bonus!!!!!

  • FREE eBook- Lord, Open My Eyes!
  • Live Mentorship/Q&A Virtual Sessions each month w/ the B.H.R Founder!