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Broken Hearts Revived was given to Sis. Keda Lawson, by the Holy Spirit, in 2022. Having gone through some traumatic times throughout her life, marriage, and journey to walking upright with God, she knew that God was going to use that suffering and pain for His glory. HE led her through many years and tears so that she can lead others.

B.H.R. is a Christ-centered community that aims to help women of all backgrounds to survive and overcome abuse and trauma, specifically caused by toxic relationships and affairs. B.H.R. does not bash, accuse, judge, nor condemn but instead we build, educate, teach, guide, encourage, and mentor. We are not counselors or therapists but we provide mentorship and coaching as led by the Holy Spirit using only Godly advice. 


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May these resources aid you on your journey to healing. Many women have asked what did I listen to, pray, or do to keep my sanity during the most difficult times. The Holy Spirit led me to all of these and more. Your list may be different but this will give you an idea of how or with what to feed your spirit. Always pray for God's guidance because everyone's journey is different. May our end be the same though and that is pleasing our Heavenly Father to be able to enter into His Holy kingdom.

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Hi, I'm Keda!


I am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner from Texas and mom of five boys. I help broken women survive and overcome abuse as well as trauma stemming from toxic relationships and repeated affairs. I've been through my own steps- repeated some before graduating to the next.

For almost 20 years, I suffered in silence. In public, I was the minister's wife that kept a smile but in private, I cried many tears and battled my own demons. A few years ago, my heart stopped for a brief moment due to the emotional strain and trauma. I thought I was going to die.

Suddenly, God revived me and gave me the strength I needed to survive and overcome the many years of abuse, heartache, and pain. HE can revive you too! Let me help you get up from where you are and live!

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