He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

God Does Heal Broken Women:

You Can Survive & Overcome Abuse As Well As Trauma From Toxic Relationships & Repeated Affairs- God's Way

Let me show you how I overcame my own trauma and survived many years of repeated heartache and pain. 

If God revived me, HE can revive you too. 

Rise Up Sister

Don't suffer in silence. How long do you want to cry about your situation? How long will you stay bound and only wish for things to change? 

Things can change! Let me help you- Live through it and move beyond it.

You can stand for your marriage. There is hope. You can survive divorce. You can heal from a toxic relationship. 

I've done all of these. Let me help you survive & overcome trauma. Allow me to guide you through the steps of healing from a broken heart as God led me.

Members Receive My 10-Step CPR Guide For Your Broken Heart

CPR on Your Broken Heart: Rapid Recognition

A- Activate the Alarm

B- Breathe; Bind up Wounds

C- Circulate the Blood of Jesus; Cry Out to God

CPR: Survival of Abuse, Betrayal, & Trauma

C- Coaching/ Counseling; Calls to Action

A- Alone Time with God

B- Bless Those That Hurt You; Forgive

ROSC: Post-Op Care Through Recovery

R- Return to Who God Intended You to Be

O- Overcome Fears

S- Start Your New Beginnings

C- Congratulations! Now Celebrate and LIVE!

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